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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    MUDFINGER's very first CD containing ten tracks taking you through the abyss of your very own squarehead. Including a high quality psychomatic paper trip booklet (don't lick any images!) and the great artwork of Lory Cervi

    Includes unlimited streaming of Psychonaut via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Gravity 04:39
Heavy loads of thousand masses are dragging me down Gravity of collapsing stars sucking me down into the ground Glowing sun is crawling through my leathery skin While I’m lying on my rusty deck chair stoned with a goony grin Gravity takes me down Pulling me straight into the ground While my journey keeps me strolling across my head I’m becoming a psychonaut, yeah resistant to any threat My brand new smoking device yeah becoming a knife I’m cutting the passing time whoa, slowly, slice by slice Pure fun’s rotating my bloodstream makes me feel allright It’s the bloody strong gravity sucking me down all the night Strung out and sunburnt I’m waiting for another drink Inertia makes me staying here lone in the desert winds
Psychonaut 06:16
I’ve been searching darkest places using various gear I’ve been travelling times and spaces not knowing that my target is here I will stay I will pay while my head keeps me strolling and I’m feeling fine I’ll keep constantly diving through spaces and times Would you ride for a feeling Would you ride for it, yeah Would you die for a feeling Would you die for it, yeah As I keep shifting through your head, yeah your head full of thoughts I am trying to figure out who are your lords I will stay I will pay
Hell 04:13
Down the trench, home alone yeah I’m lying here On a bench made of wood sucking down my fear Beating heart like the breach of a machine gun Accompanied by dead friends waiting for the end Artillery holds me down forces me to bend On my bench cowering Yeah, I clench my gun Hell - Yeah, hell is some place Where I lost my identity I - Yeah I’ve been there man So beware what the fuck I’ve seen Like a wonder almost deaf but I’m still not dead my uniform is completely soaked with my cold sweat on my life no one ever ever gave a shit Here’s the order getting up starting an assault and the barrel of my rifle yeah, it’s so worn out feeling like a bloody git Like some maggots all my fellows crawling through dirt I took a hit but I’m scared ‘cause it does not hurt leaving just a bloody trail Wow, screaming bullets all around me strike into the sand what the hell have I lost in this god damn land? Peggin‘ out for your greed of gain
Misadventure 04:15
Heading home unscheduled I found my wife at home Banging my best friend that dirty little whore Took her to task but she told me for god’s sake to fuck off Heeyeah, yeah what a fucking bad day Heeyeah, yeah what a fucking bad day Returned to my off ice, yeah I’m yawning ‘cause I’m tired My boss is getting pissed of me and tells me that I’m fired Clenching fists I want a fight but I have to clear my fucking desk My disloyal fucking wife set fire to my house [I] Did not pay my insurance so I was a little bit aroused [My] slaughtered dog’s lying in the porch [My] property became a fucking torch
Breed 05:38
Breed breed all the time Feed feed’ em with bribes Burn down the holy wood turn there is no god Listen to their fucking lies every fucking time every fucking day Feed ‘em with fucking bribes all the fucking time, come with no delay Love for better or for worse Leave if you’re not heard
Scream 04:41
Green leafs preempt my ass Inhale all that sallow gas Easily violate your nose We’ll find the proper dose While you’re screaming: toro, go! Yeah, my head will let you know who’s hot and who is not who‘s bad ass, who’s a god Scream Yeah, baby scream for me tonight Inhale and seek the bright white light Yeah, baby scream for me tonight Your head never ever wins this fight All, we’re standing here Left handed carrying a beer Waiting for the final truck speeding up and to be struck Beer, bananas and some weed dope and alc, the evil twins fermenting in your intestines and you have been destined!
Waiter 05:56
Glowin’ sun is fucking burning my bare square head I’ll hardly be escaping Yeah a tavern is hidden in that shed for taking a round paying a round to wait for that round Loads of sweat are seeping over [my] forehead through the brows I’m desperately waiting For god’s sake show up cause I’m aroused Strung out sunburnt I’m waiting for you to bring be some beer waiter don’t let me dying of thirst, yeah I’m peeging out here Strung out sunburnt I’m waiting for you to bring be some beer waiter don’t let me dying of thirst, yeah come over here Yeah, my head has started aching And my tongue has gotten thick My heart has started pounding my stomach, man feels like a fucking brick
Cobalt Blues 05:35
I’ve been drinking whiskey half time of my life thought marriage would stop me but I drank on with my wife Doctor said: Ain’t no potbelly, yeah you’re dragging all around you fool It’s your oversized liver, man so large, it ain’t cool so large, it ain’t cool One day I’ve been drinking I fell drop-dead from my stool Went straight down to hell, yeah, that doctor was no fool The devil himself welcomed me and showed me all around his turf a bar, a pool, a beach, yeah, and a place to take a surf yeah, to take a surf [ride] One day I’ve been wandering all around I found a swell Inside burning souls shrieking in agony that was hell I straight went to the devil, yeah, and asked him all about this sump He told me, these were Christians, man, they burn on their own demand on their own demand
Fahrenheit 05:42
130 Fahrenheit and my V8’s carrying me rollin’ thru the desert, yeah all that shiny day and my V8’s leaving a cloud all four hundred horse powers combined have become unleashed Yeah Oh Yeah Rolling down that fucking lane Rolling all my day White and yellow desert sand I’m rolling through a fucking no man’s land Just me and my ride, yeah rolling all that shiny day Under a blue and cloudless sky no one asks a fucking a reason why there’s a drop dead body lying back in the back of my trunk Yeah Oh Yeah Rolling down that fucking lane Rolling all my day Rolling all my day I’m feeling like I’m shifting more and more away Smoke some weed, a double head have some beer, yeah that’s fat Suddenly my brains are starting starting off to boil Have some more of that weed and some more beer on that deeds I’m rolling to a horizon, yeah which never seems to end
Here she comes ain’t she a glance I named her Mathilda And here comes delivered fresh some new pot from Sinaloa Uh, that shit’s so fine Burns like napalm in my bong And it’s mine, all mine Burns like napalm in my bong I fit her - Mathilda - into a case made of an old M14 I drilled trough trough the buttstock’s glaze to fit her to fit her shillum in Every day I point that gun straight to my head The loudest shot is none none you ever heard Ammo shaped hashballs blowing out my brains Vitrified chamber, yeah burning finest haze burns like napalm in my bong


released July 19, 2018


all rights reserved



MUDFINGER Koblenz, Germany

MUDFINGER is a Stoner / Sludge / Groove Metal band from the Westwood area in -Germany- and has been founded by Oli (D), Timo (G) and Marcus (V/B).

Our mission is to distill the quintessence of Stoner Metal, Sludge and Heavy Stoner Rock into our songs and derive melodic, grooving songs with catchy hooklines.

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